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Ateliers will be offered a balanced programme including:

  • Classical Open Technique Classes

  • Contemporary Open Technique Classes

  • Contemporary Tumbling & Partnering

  • Pointe Technique

  • Classical Repertoire & Variations

  • Neo Classical

  • Lyrical & Jazz

  • Contemporary Repertoire

  • Choreography

  • Improvisation

  • Cardio & Circuit Training Sessions

  • Individual Gym Training Programmes

  • Dance Based Conditioning Programme

  • PBT

  • Floor Barre

  • On site Physio Maintenance & Biomechanics Sessions

  • Nutrition Lectures and Support

  • Mental Health & Well-being Support

  • Yoga & Meditation

  • Mid Term Individual student progress meetings

  • Audition, Interview & CV Preparation

  • Instruction on becoming a Freelance Dancer

  • Onsite independent student living available (17 yrs and over).

  • AGA Homestay options available for students (under 17 yrs)

Students considering this programme are welcome to join AGA classes to experience the training prior to applying.


Please contact for more information or to request a private audition or video application.

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Aspirational Coaching Programme

The Atelier Programme, starting in 2022, is AGA’s new holistic based coaching programme that has been created to offer aspiring dance students a 3 tier training programme. 


Level 1 & 2 work harmoniously alongside your academic schooling timetable.


Level 3 offers a Full Time training option, including additional daily coaching sessions & classes with our highly respected AGA Director Miss Anneliese Gilberd and our AGA faculty.​


Our Ateliers will be trained to the highest level in Classical & Contemporary dance by industry professionals on a daily basis, as well as being nurtured, supported and encouraged to be healthy, strong and educated dancers.​


This programmes core focus is on our students balancing their high level of dance training alongside their daily academic studies, whilst also supporting their physical and mental health and happiness.

ATELIER Weekly Programme> 

ATELIER Genres & Vision


Our Ateliers are trained equally in both Classical and Contemporary Dance alongside Lyrical, Jazz & Neo in order to immerse our students fully in our art form. This training programme will grow with you by developing our Ateliers into becoming the fully rounded artists our industry requires.

This will in turn offer our Atelier artists more job opportunities in the future when entering the industry moving forward.


Our smaller class numbers allow our Ateliers the opportunity to be seen, guided and mentored every day, in every class by our tutors. They will receive our Director and Faculty's full attention, guidance and care which will enable their potential to be fully nurtured and developed.


Becoming an AGA Atelier will offer you the chance to train each day with a highly respected school, with a proven training record of student success. You will be coached and mentored on a daily basis which will enable you to confidently venture out into the professional dance industry when you are ready.

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