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Students moving to Christchurch to train with our Atelier programme have the option of our onsite independent living or a choice of private homestays.  Students can also attend academic schools in Christchurch that offer onsite boarding accomodation alongside training with us.  AGA is based in the central city so is very close to a variety of top academic schools.  We are happy to discuss accomodation options with you at your time of audition.

Please contact for an Atelier prospectus.



Atelier Weekly Programme, Anneliese Gilberd Academy New Zealand, dance and education, emerging artists, ballet school
Atelier Weekly Programme 2022, Atelier ballet school, Anneliese Gilberd Academy New Zealand, dance and education, emerging artists, new zealand ballet
Weekly Programme

Daily 4 hour coaching sessions

Monday - Friday 4pm - 8pm

Coaching sessions will be held with our highly respected AGA Director Miss Anneliese Gilberd and our AGA Faculty. The focus will be on the individual students own personal, technical and artistic needs and requirements for their progression to fully unlock and develop their true potential.


Your daily coaching sessions will consist of a mix of classes that are carefully chosen by our Director Miss Anneliese Gilberd. These reflect the needs of today’s dance industry and are vital for the technical and artistic development of our young dancers when preparing them for a future as a professional dancer.

Atelier Extension Programme  

(Additional Training)

Monday - Friday 1 - 3pm

These additional sessions are for our Level 3 Full Time students

that will work in conjunction with their afternoon/evening classes.


Atelier Student Company

Saturday Afternoons

Students from our Atelier Programme will will be offered the opportunity to be part of our Atelier Student Company. Our company will be coached & rehearsed in a selection of Classical and Contemporary works, as well as developing original choreography with guest choreographers that will be performed in the last week of each term. The aim of the Atelier Student Company is to offer real life performance experience that brings joy to others, nurtures relationships and gives back to our community.



Atelier offers an incredible faculty of tutors who all have had successful professional careers themselves enabling them to offer you real world industry experience and knowledge, in which to assist and guide you in pursuing a career of your own.


Atelier encourages aspiring dance students of all ages to be part of this programme where their physical, mental and emotional well-being is of the utmost importance to start creating their dance story with us.


Our Atelier 3 tier programme offers you the choice of training that best suits your goals and current needs, then gives you the option to move up the levels when needed to increase your hours and grow with you, in preparation for your next professional step.


Atelier is a coaching programme that is based on teaching our students the importance of balancing life, dance, academia, mental & physical health and rest!


Atelier offers a nurturing environment where we focus on your long term goal.


Atelier encourages you to live a healthy & happy life alongside us helping you pursue your dream!

What Atelier Offers

Atelier offers vocational dance students from all over NZ the opportunity to be part of a daily private coaching programme and Student Company where they can enjoy being personally guided and coached by AGA Director Miss Anneliese Gilberd, receiving the quality training and hours required by our industry to develop and progress.

Our Atelier students will benefit from her vast experience as a well known and successful professional dancer of the RNZB for many years plus receive her knowledge and experience as the Director and principal tutor of AGA for the past 12 years in which she has successfully prepared and launched over 26 AGA students professional training paths and careers worldwide.




Level 1

Attend 3 Coaching sessions per week

Monday - Friday: Your selection of the 3 Days

4- 8pm


Level 2

Attend 5 Coaching sessions per week

Monday - Friday

4 - 8pm

Level 3 - Full Time

Atelier Extension : Monday - Friday

1 - 3pm

Atelier Coaching: Monday - Friday

4 - 8pm

Anneliese Gilberd Academy New Zealand, dance and education, emerging artists, program vision, Atelier private coaching 2022
Atelier ballet programme 2022, vocational dance students, Anneliese Gilberd Academy New Zealand, dance and education, emerging artist

Anneliese Gilberd

Christchurch NZ

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