This programme is open to all students, including students from other dance schools, who may wish to utilise some additional training alongside their current classes. 

AGA will always acknowledge a student’s current dance school as their primary studio for training. 

  • 2 hour Classical Technique Classes

  • Pointe Class

  • Variations

  • Classical and Neo Classical Repertoire

  • Specialised Classical Coaching

  • Contemporary

  • Choreography  & Improvisation

  • Progressive Ballet Technique  

  • Pilates

  • Group Gym circuit training 

  • Cardio & FIIT programme

Please contact for more information.

Emerging Artist




Dance & Education: Emerging Artists Programme

Our NEW Emerging Artists Programme is an ethical and balanced transitional programme, developing young dancers while continuing their studies. Specifically designed to provide high-level dance tuition that works harmoniously alongside their academic commitments.


We recognise that COVID 19 has radically changed the current industry climate and presented even more challenges for dancers aspiring to forge a career in the arts. For that reason, we are encouraging our younger dancers to remain at school, building your academic credentials and developing the social skills needed to become healthy, happy and well-rounded adults.

Programme Structure

The Emerging Artist programme offers 3 structured levels.

Students can choose the level that suits best around their academic timetable. 

LEVEL 1 - One Full Day

Friday Full Day: 9am - 4pm


Saturday Full Day: 9am - 4pm

LEVEL 2 - Two Full Days

Friday Full Day: 9am - 4pm

Saturday Full Day: 9am - 4pm

LEVEL 3 - Two Full Days plus Two Afternoon/Evening Sessions

Wednesday Half Day: 4pm - 7.30pm

Thursday Half Day: 4pm - 7.30pm

Friday Full Day: 9am - 4pm

Saturday Full Day: 9am - 4pm

This programme will provide students aged 13 and up the opportunity to be challenged technically and artistically at a pre professional level, surrounded by a faculty that supports your continued academic education. The programme will deliver high-level training based on quality of hours not quantity.  We promote a balance of mind, body and spirit.

Programme Vision