Full Time Classical Ballet Programme


This programme is for talented and dedicated classical ballet dancers looking to be coached, mentored and guided on a full time daily basis in preparation for auditions for full time professional ballet schools within Australasia or overseas.  Students in this programme are  wanting to pursue a future career as a professional ballet dancer within the Professional Ballet industry in the future.


AGA offers a selective daily full-time Classical Ballet Coaching and mentoring programme for students interested in pursuing a career in professional ballet.  Students in this programme will receive 28-30hrs of high level classical and contemporary coaching classes per week with Industry professional tutors.  your daily schedule of classes will be comprised of:

Open classical classes




Neo Classical

Bodyconditioning & Strengthening programmes

Classical ballet variations

Classical Repertoire

Corps de Ballet work

Pas de Deux

Floor barre


Pointe and virtuosity

Internal assessment work

Goal setting

History of Dance



Audition and Interview preparation

Grooming, Hair & Stage make up

Competition private coaching on request

I also offer one on one meetings with each student and their family to discuss short and long term goals and to set a future pathway towards audition preparation for their full time school of choice.     Acceptance into my full time coaching programme is by private audition only. To audition I recommend that you come and attend a day or two of our daily full time schedule. This provides the opportunity for you to familiarize yourself with our environment and experience our classes. It also gives me a greater opportunity to assess you and get to know you. Please email info@agilberd.com to make an appointment to audition.  Our full time coaching programme absorbs students  in the art of classical ballet. Classes focus on real world requirements, giving students the competitive edge  and knowledge needed to approach auditions for full time professional schools with confidence.