Part Time Transition Programme

 Our Part Time Transition programme is for talented and committed classical and contemporary dance students who are still attending academic school but wishing to attend 1 or 2 Full Time days of training per week within either our  Full Time Contemporary or Classical programme.  They will have the intention of joining our Full Time programme when ready and pursuing a career in the Classical Ballet or Contemporary Dance industry in the future.  You would need the permission and blessing of your academic school to join this programme.  AGA has developed wonderful relationships with many of Christchurches highly regarded academic institutions over the past 7 years who respect and value our integrity and pursuit of excellence and professional success at AGA.  Through our students many achievements within the dance industry to date these schools continue to support our students who choose to divide and balance their time between their academic classes and pre professional dance training whilst continuing to maintain their high academic achievement. Please email to make an appointment to audition for this programme.

Our Transition programme offers caring training and coaching for serious and dedicated dancers, who have already made the decision this is their chosen path. This programme encourages them to excel, work towards their future goals and enjoy their love of dance within a dedicated, supportive and nurturing environment whilst introducing them to the flow of a Full Time training day and expectations of future full time professional training within a professional school environment..